Green Building Verifications

LaRocque can perform third party verifications that show qualified residential buildings (single family, multi-family, remodeled, mixed-use,light commercial) )have met the rigorous ANSI-approved National Green Building Standard (NGBS) administered by the Home Innovations Research Laboratories.

Green Building services will also include providing green building scoring tool consultation, marketing strategies, green building document development and retention, and design/plan consultation to assist in maximizing the Green Building certification.

Energy efficiency

LaRocque can provide programs and services in energy efficiency that will identify financial assistance and program ideas for associations and individual businesses. Expertise In delivering ENERGY STAR certification, Net Zero, Department of Energy Zero Energy Ready (DOEZER), High-Performance building consulting, diagnostics.

Mediation & Arbitration

LaRocque commercial mediation and arbitration services are also available for businesses looking for a dispute resolution alternative to litigation that is typically less costly and less time-consuming.

Collective Bargaining/Labor Relations

Call LaRocque to perform collective bargaining services for multi-employer groups or individual businesses and other labor relations consultation services such as compliance with state and federal prevailing wage laws, independent contractor laws, dealing with project labor agreements and union organizing efforts.

Lobbying & Advocacy

More than ever businesses and associations must deal with government at all levels. Whether you’re dealing at the local, state or national levels, trust LaRocque for lobbying/advocacy on specific, targeted matters before legislatures, regulatory and contracting agencies. LaRocque is experienced in government advocacy at all levels and will help you navigate through the sea of bureaucratic red tape.

Financial Incentives

LaRocque can identify, pursue and help clients qualify for local, state and national financial incentives for green building and energy efficiency programs.

New Home Buyer and Remodeling Third Party Warranties

LaRocque represents Professional Services Warranty Corporation, a leading third party warranty company covering new single family, new multi-family projects and extended service warranties on mechanical systems and appliances. LaRocque also offers a certified contractor program and a related Start-To-Finish performance guaranty for homeowners building or remodeling a home, which provides a tremendous Peace of Mind for the homeowner and certified contractor.

Business Development for Associations

Associations often miss opportunities right in front of them.

LaRocque consults with associations to establish non-dues income programs (affinity programs) and tangible benefits to their members. We also work with associations in designing/developing business plans and more such as by-laws, for newly-forming association-affiliated not-for-profit education and research foundations and for-profit subsidiaries.

Workforce Development

LaRocque can help you take advantage of available programs and funding by identifying or developing workforce development/training/curriculum/job placement programs.

Training & Seminars

LaRocque possesses extensive experience in offering seminars and educational presentations on green building, energy efficiency, warranties/risk management, alternative dispute resolution techniques, setting up association government affairs programs, creating association member tangible benefits and non-dues income programs, effective employment contracts.

ICC 700 National Green Building Standards Resources

Here are links to the logos and signage for those certified in green building by NGBS

NGBS Green Buildihng Resource Link      NGBS Green Building Resource Link

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